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Evita Krislock


Welcome to our evolving Province VIII website. Our goal is to support  all Women’s Ministries in Province VIII through networking our dioceses and our opportunities, offering leadership trainings and retreats, and providing spiritual nourishment. We are here to support you! Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach out to me for any reason. I look forward to getting to know you.


Leading With Heart

As a young child we often took road trips. Our travels took us into Canada and Mexico, literally up and down the west coast and beyond. Each trip was a gift and blessing, traveling with family and discovering various gifts along the way. One such gift was learning about maps, gaining a sense of presence and bearing, at a time before GPS and that friendly voice giving directions.

High school and college expanded the road trips into the Midwest, Yellowstone, the marvelous Tetons, then across the entire country. We found our way together, preparing us to journey with others in the future. How we interacted and learned to trust one another was foundational in our ‘becoming’. This is not to suggest there weren’t differences of opinion about which way to head. Sometimes taking the wrong turn led to building a level of trust in the other and teaching a bit of humility.

Raising our own family, we carried this tradition forward, road trips, learning to get along and respect each other, trusting that it will be okay. These were not easy lessons, yet they were important lessons. We discovered various ways to play together, tell stories, teach and become a family. Today each of our children holds a confidence and willingness to explore, to learn and allow the becoming. That is a gift that started generations before, with my grandparents, who shared with us, for future generations. Each of us took something different from these adventures, some shared others not.

This is true in each aspect of our lives as we explore, learn to be with others and walk together, sharing while  allowing the becoming.

May we travel with you for a bit? We are Leading with Heart.

Evita M. Krislock
Episcopal Church Women
Province VIII President

Reflecting on Community

When hiking yesterday, spending time in nature, my mind wandered along paths of remembrances, life and creation parallels. Rounding a bend I came across this beauty of nature, a magnificent example of life that had been beaten down, weighed heavy with the burden of snow, blasted by winds and...

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Lost  …  and Found

Here we are in the season of Lent. Some years ago, when working as the Diocesan youth coordinator, I kept a bowl of M and M’s in the office. A bright cheerful treat for anyone coming in. Needless to say, fair amounts were consumed by yours truly. Hospitality is an important ministry to and for me....

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