Episcopal Church Women of Province VIII Welcome You

Province VIII of the Episcopal Church is known as the Province of the Pacific

Dioceses in Province VIII:

Hawaii, Alaska, Navajoland, Taiwan, Micronesia, Spokane, Olympia, Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Northern California, El Camino Real, California, San Joaquin, Los Angeles, San Diego

Opening Our Hearts

Sitting down to write, I notice my cup of Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality tea bag has a tag. It reads, “Uncage your Heart, free your Heart, let it be wild.”     WOW! Lately, everywhere I turn, I notice verses referring to the HEART. Have you noticed this, too? The heart...

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Chaplain’s Message for Easter 2023

Dear Women of Province VIII, Happy Easter to you all!  I had the honor of celebrating this wonderful day + Palm Sunday, and Holy Week at St. Jude’s in Ocean View, Hawai’i.  I will be here until the Day of Pentecost! As we listen to the Book of Acts and see how the...

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 A Visit to a Migrant Shelter Across the Border in Mexico

The Revs. Patricia O’Reilly and Julie Beals helping to distribute donated clothing to shelter residents.  (Credit: Tammy Smecker-Hane)People often hear politicians discussing the immigration crisis at the border, but few actually know what that really involves. In...

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