Leading with Heart:
Circular Leadership for the Resurrection of Ministry

In these times of change, adaptive leadership provides the tools we need to find our voices and calling. Using the circular leadership model we build reciprocal relationships that honor diversity of culture, race, age, gender, personality, and ministry.

Our interactive workshop(s) with break-out rooms discuss the qualities, critical thinking, and behaviors of Circular Leadership that replace domination and greed. This is about reconciliation with creation and each other, listening to what is and is not shared.

By entering the circle of shared leadership, responsibility, and accountability, resurrection, rebirth, and trust are built into our ministries through God’s love and personal relationship.

Getting started with Circle Leadership

to join the circle – share the focus, purpose with invitation

meditation, reflection, setting up a sacred space, centering focal point.

those who came before – Indigenous, all those who’ve contributed to where and who we are

the Team, including Circle Angels and Time Keepers

Questions – what is your goal? Need?

Note: If this is an already organized group with By-laws, reports, address these first and move into the circle with intention as mentioned above.

 Listening Protocols
Pause before responding
Notice where your heart leads you
Stay in silence before speaking
Do not try to ‘fix’ anything
One person at a time, allow everyone the opportunity.

Principals of Dialog   
1. When you are listening, suspend assumptions.
2. When you are speaking, express your personal response (Speak for yourself)
3. Listen without judgement
4. Suspend status
5. Honor confidentiality
6. Listen for understanding, not to agree with or believe
7. Ask Clarifying or open ended questions
8. Honor silence and time for reflection
9. One person speaks at a time


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2023 Leading With Heart Workshop Presentations

June 23-24  Salt Lake City, UT
ECW Annual Retreat and Meeting

July 9-12 (Pending) Baltimore, MD
Episcopal Church “It’s All About Love”

August 14-18 Chicago, IL
Parliament of World Religions


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