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Canon Martha Estes


Welcome to our evolving Province VIII website. Our goal is to support  all Women’s Ministries in Province VIII through networking our dioceses and our opportunities, offering leadership trainings and retreats, and providing spiritual nourishment. We are here to support you! I look forward to getting to know you.


Opening Our Hearts

Sitting down to write, I notice my cup of Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality tea bag has a tag. It reads, “Uncage your Heart, free your Heart, let it be wild.”     WOW!

Lately, everywhere I turn, I notice verses referring to the HEART.

Have you noticed this, too?

The heart is my favorite symbol. (My second favorite is the star.) In my childhood memories file, I have saved pictures of hearts I colored, some very wild.

“Opening Our Hearts” is the theme chosen for our upcoming 2023 Annual Retreat and Meeting for the Episcopal Church Women of Province VIII. I am excited to meet with you all in Salt Lake City, Utah, from June 23rd through 25th.

Our theme reminds us that we are in ministry together, joined by a strong bond and following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our annual retreat allows us time to strengthen that bond by deepening existing relationships and building new ones.

The “Leading with Heart” circular model offers a heart-centered way to enhance our collaboration and active listening skills, creating safe and inviting spaces for women to come together and accomplish our goals in an atmosphere of mutual support and love.

Please join us in the Circle, “opening our hearts” together!

All the Best with God’s Love

Canon Martha K. Estes

Episcopal Church Women Province VIII President

President’s Message Winter 2022

Good Morning my friends! Traveled home yesterday from a much-needed time in Phoenix with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful time, and our hearts were full of gratitude and thankfulness. As we gathered in a circle, we were asked to say what we were thankful for this...

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Episcopal Church Women Looking Ahead

This year's ECW Province VIII Annual Meeting theme was "Rooted in Love, Leading with Heart, Promises Hope." During the meeting, The Rev. Rachel Tabor Hamilton installed the2022-2024 elected and appointed officers, commissioning us to work to support our Province VIII Episcopal Women. As your...

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Reflection on Becoming

What happens when we are no longer the person we used to be? After recently undergoing a procedure to ease pain in my knees, the follow up with the doctor netted some insights regarding aging.Throughout my life, participation in physical activities fed and nourished me. In school, when signed up...

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Reflecting on Community

When hiking yesterday, spending time in nature, my mind wandered along paths of remembrances, life and creation parallels. Rounding a bend I came across this beauty of nature, a magnificent example of life that had been beaten down, weighed heavy with the burden of snow, blasted by winds and...

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Lost … and Found

Here we are in the season of Lent. Some years ago, when working as the Diocesan youth coordinator, I kept a bowl of M and M’s in the office. A bright cheerful treat for anyone coming in. Needless to say, fair amounts were consumed by yours truly. Hospitality is an important ministry to and for me....

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