Girls Friendly Society

GFS (Girls’ Friendly Society)  has been forward thinking since its founding in America in 1877 when girls and women were first going to work in factories. At that time, GFS offered fellowship and connections for girls who were far from home. Throughout the years, GFS has responded to the needs of girls with programs such vacation settings for single girls in the early 1900s, community service programs in the midcentury in locations such as Native American Reservations and a badge program to enhance Christian education.

In 2021, GFS launched a new curriculum, Let’s Step Up and Speak Out, to help girls develop empathy for social justice issues and to provide a framework for learning to put both of their feet in action to do justice and charity. This curriculum is available for free download at the website.

GFS offers opportunities for girls to travel to national and worldwide events and provides a book scholarship to members.

All girls, including those who do not belong to the Episcopal Church, are welcome to be members of GFS.

We invite you to learn more about GFS at and establish a GFS branch at your church to help girls develop their spiritual lives through study, community service, recreation and worship. Email us at