Reflecting on Community

When hiking yesterday, spending time in nature, my mind wandered along paths of remembrances, life and creation parallels. Rounding a bend I came across this beauty of nature, a magnificent example of life that had been beaten down, weighed heavy with the burden of snow, blasted by winds and life’s adversity.

How many seasons shaped this life?

How many seasons continue to shape our lives? As individuals and as communities we experience life and seasons as we are able, not all in the same ways, yet with determination and hope.

It is my belief that this tree has been able to grow and become due to the community around her, trees do have community. This tree while heavily burdened during different seasons, continued to lean toward the light and as such grows, contributing to the beauty around her. A unique beauty and witness to strength and endurance.

Have you found a community that shines a light, encouraging you while enfolding you in new possibility? This is something generations of women have and continue to do for one another. How many generations do you see represented in this photo? How many generations are in your community?

In God’s Peace and New Life