Lost … and Found

Here we are in the season of Lent.

Some years ago, when working as the Diocesan youth coordinator, I kept a bowl of M and M’s in the office. A bright cheerful treat for anyone coming in. Needless to say, fair amounts were consumed by yours truly. Hospitality is an important ministry to and for me. When emerging from Advent and Christmas, transitioning into Lent with the ever present question, “What am I going to give up?” I was Lost in the wilderness. I was not healthy nor taking care of myself.

In the midst of ministry, overload and on the brink of ‘burn out’, it struck me that it wasn’t about giving something up, rather about living fully into Christ. Rather than giving something up, what if we were to consider taking something on, something like self care, taking care of one’s self in order to be fully present for whatever comes next? The M and M’s are not the only option for hospitality, being healthy, able to listen and fully present is the greatest hospitality there is. It is easy to get lost in the wilderness. It is in finding our way, being willing to grasp God’s hand and walk with God that we find our way through the wilderness.

What does this hand look like? It can look like our neighbor, our sisters, friends and others in shared ministry who are there to say, hey let me help you, you do not need to make this journey alone. I, we are here with you, to be fully present, listen, help find answers, and walk with you on this journey. It is with this in mind that your Provincial ECW has set up resources to help navigate through this changing ministry, to provide technological resource to ease some of the burden and to be here for you.

Do you feel lost? Unsure where to go next? Please let us walk with you on your journey, in your ministries and together we will prevail over the temptations, the fear and the helplessness that can overcome us. Let us make this journey together.

In Christ’s Name…

Evita M. Krislock
Province VIII President
Episcopal Church Women